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Music Therapy Review

This review was written by Lori, the mother of Wesley, who was devastated by the loss of Jackson.

This is Wesley,  he's 8 years old. At the age of 7, he sadly and suddenly lost his best friend.  Before that happened,  he was always angry and often said he wanted to kill himself.  He couldn't seem to find ways to properly express his emotions or a positive outlet. We started going to a counselor in hoping it would help. With the counselor,  he seemed to become more angry and easily frustrated.  When his best friend passed away his anger and frustration intensified greatly.  We immediately took him to the counselor who said we may need to put him in a mental facility.  At that point we started looking elsewhere for help.

We found another counselor who started out ok but then, they came to the conclusion that Wesley was just choosing to be angry for no reason.  We stopped counseling all together and began looking for other ways to help him we needed a positive outlet.  Wesley started doing Taekwondo where his friend went and it has helped.  He also started music therapy. 

Music Therapy has been a god send for him. He's able to express his emotions in ways that he couldn't before because the other counselors didn't know how to properly help him. He still has some rough days but he has progressed so much. We're so blessed and thankful that the Love Like Jackson foundation has offered to find and give Wesley the best help possible.

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