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Art Therapy Review

This was written by the mother of a child who received art therapy after experiencing a devastating loss. It is being shared with her permission.

Our family, especially our daughter Luci, have deeply been affected by the loss of our friend Jackson. Luci and Jackson were born within 24 hours of each other in the same hospital wing. They were each other’s first and longest friends. Their special bond blossomed when we were able to babysit Jackson for a period before preschool. The sudden loss of Jackson rocked our world and we’re still grasping to understand. Luci has always had anxieties and a love for art.

Love Like Jackson blessed our family with the gift of Art/Play Therapy for our creative girl. After twelve weeks of sessions with Crystal at Creative Solution Therapies, my daughter has come a long way. She went from being a child terrified of being alone, to begging to have her own room. She went from not being able to speak about the serious side of her loss, to asking direct questions like how do we get cancer. Luci used to scream and cry during times of frustration and now she cries and says directly that she just needs a hug or whatever she feels she needs to feel better. She now speaks freely of Jackson with her vibrant memory of fun times with him.

When I asked her about her time in therapy, she said it helped her be able to speak of Jackson without crying and Ms. Crystal is really fun and has a lot of cool toys.

As a mother through this grief journey, having Crystal was such a gift because of her ability to dissect issues and explain them to me in a way I could understand. She offered suggestions of things for me to work on with Luci and explained the reasoning behind why Luci does certain things. Luci has named a stuffed animal Jackson and she insists on bringing it everywhere. Crystal explained that it’s her way of knowing that Jackson is okay. Something seemingly small as a stuffed animal is bringing comfort to my child in a way I could not have guessed.

We have chosen to continue therapy on our own with Crystal. I’m forever grateful to the Love Like Jackson Foundation for wrapping its wings around my daughter and providing a safe haven for her with a trusted adult in Crystal who will be her touchstone for years to come.

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